Bognor Regis WI Does Carnival

At 6am on Saturday 4th June I lay awake listening to the rain which hadn’t stopped all night. I channelled my inner Barbra Streisand to “Don’t rain on my Parade”. Our WI was taking part in carnival and we didn’t want to get wet!!

At 8am the rain stopped and the sun came out.

Our makeup and stylist Fleurie transformed myself, Ann Mc, Clare, Izzy, Jack, Jen, Karen, Maggie P, Manuela, Olga, Rosemary W, Sarah W and Katie into the Queen of Hearts, an entourage of playing cards and the White Rabbit.

We were ready and waiting and after a bit of a wait we set off with Jen and Sarah leading the way carrying our banner.

We were greeted by so many people lining the streets of Bognor and thank you to those members who were amongst the crowds, in particular to those who popped up more than once.

We were behind the Laburnham Centre float which was playing music and allowed us the opportunity to have a bit of a dance and at one point I looked behind to see Ann leading the cards in a routine – so brilliant Ann.

Katie and Jack did a tremendous job with the collection buckets. All monies raised went to the Bognor Regis Illuminations Fund.

We got to West Park on time where a number of us made straight for the beer tent for a very welcome pint. An Observer photographer captured this event and we made the local paper with both a before and after photo.

It was a day of fun, friendship and showcasing our WI to the people of Bognor. 

A privilege to be part of a community event.

I love my WI

Sue Harris 

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