On a balmy Friday afternoon in the hottest summer on record fifteen members of Bognor Regis WI gathered at member Gina’s house for the annual swim, drink and socialise, under the 2022 banner of Wet and WIndjammer. Sadly a few members were unable to make it due, among other reasons, to Covid but nevertheless the remaining stalwarts made the best of the perfect conditions.

Swiftly donning swimsuits – sadly no wonderful retro swim hats in evidence – members (together with Barney the dog) breached the back gate and braved the waves at mid tide enjoying the sea temperature of 17ᵒ. Much frolicking took place including the famed (Olympic scouts take note) synchronised swimming. 

Refreshed and salty, everyone returned to the garden for lashings of the WIndjammer cocktail, a subtle blend of vodka, cranberry juice, fruit and lemonade tested and approved prior to the evening by President Sue (What devotion to duty !!) and plates of nibbles. It was, as ever, a wonderful lark and it was a very happy band of women who wobbled home. To next year and what will it be? – Aquatics and Aperol? Beer, Boules and Backstroke? Breaststroke and a Brightener? Whatever it is you need to be there and if you can remember it, maybe you weren’t………

Gina Fitch-Roy

photo (while paddling): Mandy Wood

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