Carry on Camping BRWI Style

The end of June saw 13 WI members go camping for the weekend. 

The campsite had been tested the previous  year by a small advance party and found to be perfect for our needs.

Friday afternoon saw members arrive and pitch their tents, hang bunting, raise the flag and adorn their tents with fairy lights. 

The most welcome arrival was Jack who had organised the weekend and was also our cook and had brought enough food to keep us going for a week not just the weekend. She set about making salads to go with the already cooked veggie chilli in a slow cooker and jacket potatoes. She even brought a small fridge. 

The camp fire was lit by Sue G who then gave lessons on how to use a carbon steel firelighter to light a fire.

Shortly after we arrived there was a great noise from the woods as a tree fell, a bit scary as it was quite a large one. A tree falling in the woods does make a noise. 

We settled down around the fire to eat our delicious supper and have a drink or two but the rain gods had other ideas and it began to rain heavily.  Luckily there was a large wooden shelter we all could fit in, unfortunately the roof hadn’t been finished properly and the joints leaked.

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