BRWI November 2022 Members’s Meeting

Our November meeting saw another of our talented member’s step up with Jack (day job cookery teacher) demonstrating that “Mincemeat is not Just for Pies”. Jack talked us through the history and key facts about mincemeat. She introduced us to frying filo pastry parcels and took herself back to a time when she worked at the Grand in Brighton and flambéed at tables with a magnificent flambe of mincemeat pancakes. She was assisted by the lovely Sarah G.

In true teacher mode Jack then produced a quiz at the end of the demonstration to check how well we’d listened. The winning table won a plate of mince pies!!

After we were able to sample the filo pastries, the pancakes and some other “ here’s what I made earlier “ mincemeat cookies, mincemeat fudge and my personal favourite, mincemeat bread pudding.

We also had cake with our tea and coffee including a beautiful carrot cake made by Olga.

In addition to our ongoing collection of recycling for 4 Sight Vision Support some of our other talented members had knitted Christmas Trees and Stockings to help the charity’s festive fundraising.

There was also a collection for Little Baby Bundles and once again members excelled themselves with their generosity.

Words Sue Harris

Photos Joyce Aird, Katie Lyne and Sue Harris

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