Christmas Netball Festival

On Sunday 4th December the Walking Netball group took part in a Christmas Netball Festival held at Chichester University. The response to the call of ‘who would like to play?’ was brilliant and we had eleven players on the day, ready to show their skills. We had 9 in our playing squad and had chosen a team name of The Bognor Baubles. Our 2 extra players were, in the end, used by another team as they were short of a player and therefore everyone got a good amount of netball.

We played 4 games overall and embraced the Christmas theme and the ‘let’s have a good time’ ethos. Of the 4 games we won one, but I sincerely felt we were on a par with every team we played. Nerves did get to us in the first game, but after that our improvement was immense.

At the end of each game we had to elect a player from the opposition who ‘embraced the spirit of the day’ and at the end of the morning each team was awarded a medal for their player who embodied that. Jan was our winner! Well done Jan, but the whole team was fantastic.

The team was: Sheila, Jan, Jo, Jack, Jackie, Barbara (our captain), Flo, Sarah and Elaine. Dinah and Mary played for the other team. Players to mention were Sarah who just got better and better throughout the tournament and displayed some fantastic defending skills, Sheila who enjoyed a great game at Wing Attack position, Barbara who was such an encouraging captain, and Jo who worked so hard in every position she played.

Thank you all for playing and making it such an enjoyable Sunday morning.

Ann McLean

Netball host

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