BRWI Member’s Meeting December 2022 – Christmas Party

Our December meeting was a twofold celebration, the first time in 3 years we had all 11 meetings in the one year, and we were able to hold a Christmas meeting/party for the first time in 3 years.

Members were greeted with a glass of fizz on arrival and were given a free raffle ticket as a thank you for their continued support and attendance at meetings. Our thank you was extended to an “up market” raffle – not quite a car or a holiday but 2 hampers, alcohol, gift cards, and some festive themed gifts.

Members also enjoyed a cheese platter on each table produced by our refreshment guru Jack aka Keeper of the Cupboard, and mince pies made by members.

After a short bit of business President Sue led the room in a game of Handbag Bingo with table against table trying to match the items Sue produced from her handbag. The winning table all received some Christmas chocolates.

Sue then tested the tables’ knowledge with a Christmas themed quiz – Who knew that in Japan it was tradition to eat KFC on Christmas Day!! Once again the winning table won some Christmas chocolates.

Members had time to socialise and demolish their platters.

The evening continued with the BRWI equivalent to the BAFTAs, the President’s awards with original art work produced by Dinah. Sue had dressed as an elf for the evening and was joined to present the awards by none other than Rory the Dinosaur aka the lovely Rory Lyne (BAFTA eat your heart out).

The first award went to the aforementioned Keeper of the Cupboard, Jack, for her fabulous job providing refreshments for meetings, and for organising and feeding us on our camp weekend (unfortunately no photo available).

Next award The Giving Something Back award went to Lorraine, for her reaction when asked to be Treasurer and sterling work doing the role.

Fleurie received the Bringing Something New award for her enthusiasm and bringing new activities to our WI.

Finally in something not seen at the BAFTAs, Rory the Dinosaur presented an award to his mum Katie for her heroic struggle to obtain new WI hoodies and polo shirts.

An award was made to Ann Mc on behalf of the Walking Netball group for “the person who embraces the spirit of netball”.

The evening ended with the raffle draw with some very happy winners, including Jo who won one of the hampers together with Sally M.

Words: Sue Harris

Photos: Joyce Aird and Dinah Barrand

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