Arundel Treasure Trail

We met in Arundel on a gloriously sunny Saturday afternoon and attempted the Murder Mystery challenge from the Treasure Trail company. Members donned their best detective outfits, broke into 3 small groups, and set off following directions to solve clues all around the town of Arundel.

It’s a bit like Cluedo where you have to eliminate suspects and weapons until you’re left with just one of each. Solving number problems using dates, anagrams from plaques and signs and all sorts of things you would never normally notice. We did get a lot of comments and looks, not surprising as we were a group of women dressed as Miss Marples, Sherlock Holmes and Vera running up and down the pavement shouting ‘I’ve found it!’

Once finished we gathered at The Swan and had a well deserved drink whilst we entered our special barcode from the booklet online to receive the answers for each question and ultimately who was the murderer and the weapon used. It really was a fantastic afternoon with some members enjoying their time at The Swan on through to the evening!

We will most definitely be doing another one in Chichester this summer and I for one can’t wait!

Fleurie x

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