Pagham Walk

Five members of the BRWI walking group went for a walk on the 11th November. Due to technical difficulties, Manuela’s alarm didn’t go off, so we observed a two minute silence at 11:05. Jakki  commented how looking at the English Channel, all she could think was “all those young Boys.”

We proceeded to walk towards Pagham beach, low tide, inspired by the natural beauty of the area as Ann looked longingly at the thistles which would be perfect for Sarah’s next art class.

Under Mandy’s expert map reading and Jan’s voice in our heads, reminding us to take care, we walked on to Haven Church Farm Holiday Village, where Jan used to dance in her youth.   

The highlight of the walk was standing on the bridge of the Lagoon looking at the teenage swans, just look at the joy in Lorraine and Ann’s faces.

As we parted Lorraine observed “It was nice to have a walk and a chat.”

Words and photos: Manuela Andani

Walk Group 1,000 mile challenge update

73 miles to go!   Almost there!   Since the last report in June the group has completed 7 more walks and clocked up another 375.25 miles, giving us a total of 927.00 miles.

Together, our walk group has managed 18 different walks since the end of March 2021:   some new walks, some revisiting old haunts, and some with an added bonus.   Last Saturday’s walk took us through Parham Park to the Glider airfield near Cootham.   It could have been Jan’s biggest health and safety nightmare, as the gliders were taking off alongside us!   In true form, Jan had checked things out and we were on a public footpath, along the edge of the air field – such a joy when the pilot waved cheerfully to our group.

The Lavant Trundle walk might stick in our minds for a while – walking on what was probably the hottest evening of the year and getting to the very top of the Trundle, a first for some.   We took it easy, with water stops en-route and were rewarded with one of the best views of the 1,000 mile challenge walks.

Each walk throws up its own memories – all shining with friendship, gleaning knowledge about our area and working on a challenge together raising funds for Sage House Dementia Unit.   £410.00 have been pledged so far.

Another 2 walks should see the successful completion of the task.   

“What are we going to do next?” cried the walkers.  

Jan Marsden 20.9.21

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Prairie Garden Visit

11 of our members visited the Prairie Gardens near Henfield on 9th September.   The owner, Pauline McBride, introduced us to her garden with a lively description about the garden’s beginning:  it took 2 weeks to plant 36,000 plants, most which Pauline and her husband had grown from seed, cuttings, and division in Holland.   They conscripted family and friends to help by inviting them to a party – which went on for days!

Although, it felt a bit like a party of our own, on a WI outing, the Prairie Gardens proved to be a very relaxing and tactile place – pure escapism for a couple of hours.  In a lush and well-formed garden, we immersed ourselves amongst the plants as we walked on paths in the borders, we took in its gentleness as we sat by a pond, and of course we had tea and cake!

Jan Marsden

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Zen Tangling Take 2

Members once again enjoyed an evening of Zen Tangling, chat, and laughter led by our Crafty Queen Sarah.

Everyone was pleased with their results.

So cathartic , perfect way to wind down and relax whilst catching up with friends.

Sue Harris

Latest Update -1,000 mile Walk Group Challenge raising funds for Sage House

Since May’s report the walk group have completed 6 more walks, culminating in its biggest challenge to date with an 8 ½ mile walk at Fittleworth.  

Not only was the distance both a group and a personal challenge for some, the torrential rain the day before made walking muddy and wet in places, and hurdles were put in our way!   To overcome the hurdles:  we explored how many different ways you could get across a barbed wire fence, tested our horse whispering skills and summoned the energy for a sprint up, and down, the highest point in the Fittleworth area!   

551.75 miles have been collectively walked by the group, since the challenge started on 29th March, with £250.00 pledged for Sage House Dementia Unit, one of our WI charities for 2021.   Only 448.25 more miles to tread before our Annual Meeting in October!   Can we do it?

Each walk has a different character – with different routes, different fascinating facts and different corners of the countryside and coast in our area.    The relief of covid restrictions easing in May was enormous, not only did it signify less people across the nation were falling very ill, it meant we could walk together in 1 group, so the planning and organisation were simplified.  

Not every walk group member walks every walk – they walk when they can if the route and date suits them.  Each walk, however, has been in really good company and seemingly enjoyed thoroughly by all taking part.   The walks have been to Dell Quay, Slindon Dale Park, Bognor beach and Pagham Harbour, Arundel as well as Fittleworth.  

Here’s to the next 448.25 miles!

Jan Marsden

Beach Walk

Up to a few years ago I was an enthusiastic member of our walk group, taking part in most of our 4 mile walks. Then old age and arthritis caught up with me so 4 miles was just not on. Hence I was delighted in May when Jan organised a 2 mile flat walk at low tide along the beach at Bognor which I thought I could manage – and I did!

It was a windy day but southerly so we didn’t have to walk into the wind either way. Well wrapped up we started off from the pier walking towards Aldwick. This took us past the end of the prom, where the road comes away from the sea at Fish Lane into what, for me, was unknown territory.

The Mulberry pontoon with Lesley, Frances, and Heather

On the way we came across a piece of history … in the water exposed at low tide there is the remains of a floating pontoon, part of the Mulberry Floating Harbours used by the Allies to support the invasion of France on D-Day 6 June 1944. I am ashamed to say that I didn’t know of it’s existence, even though I have lived here for many years.

Lorraine, Frances, Jan, Manuela, Lesley, Kate, Heather, Pam, and Gill munching shortbread

When we reached halfway we had a rest and were supplied with a piece of Jan’s delicious crisp shortbread – this is an essential part of any BRWI walk – I recommend it highly and have added the recipe to the site – click here if you would like to try it.

Manuela and me!

I enjoyed my walk very much, coming home feeling rather tired but very refreshed. I must admit that I was full of plans to have more low tide walks on my own, needlesstosay that hasn’t quite happened yet!

Many thanks to Jan for organising.

Words: Kate Claisse

Photos: Sue Harris

Hotham Park Wildforest Golf WI Tournament:

It may not be on par with the Open but Gina, Karen and Sue met for a round of  adventure golf in Hotham Park.

Competition was fierce but good natured with Karen being the eventual winner by 2 strokes and Gina and Sue enjoying joint second place.

Congratulations to Karen but also to Gina on her hole in one. This would have normally been celebrated with a round of drinks at the 19th hole but we made do with tea and coffee at the café.

Sue Harris