Arundel Treasure Trail

We met in Arundel on a gloriously sunny Saturday afternoon and attempted the Murder Mystery challenge from the Treasure Trail company. Members donned their best detective outfits, broke into 3 small groups, and set off following directions to solve clues all around the town of Arundel.

It’s a bit like Cluedo where you have to eliminate suspects and weapons until you’re left with just one of each. Solving number problems using dates, anagrams from plaques and signs and all sorts of things you would never normally notice. We did get a lot of comments and looks, not surprising as we were a group of women dressed as Miss Marples, Sherlock Holmes and Vera running up and down the pavement shouting ‘I’ve found it!’

Once finished we gathered at The Swan and had a well deserved drink whilst we entered our special barcode from the booklet online to receive the answers for each question and ultimately who was the murderer and the weapon used. It really was a fantastic afternoon with some members enjoying their time at The Swan on through to the evening!

We will most definitely be doing another one in Chichester this summer and I for one can’t wait!

Fleurie x

Bognor Regis WI joins Million Women Rise March

7 members travelled up to London on 4th March to protest against violence against women and girls.

We arrived at the start early, so took advantage of the opportunity to fortify ourselves in a pub whilst watching the marchers assemble from the upstairs window.

Once fortified we joined a cacophony of drums, whistles and chants provided by the 500 to 700 women and girls.

We proudly marched from Selfridges, down Oxford Street, Regent Street, through Piccadilly Circus ending in a rally in Trafalgar Square where there were speeches. 

An empowering, thought provoking, yet fun day. 

Words: Sue Harris

Photos: Sue, Jacquie, Jakki and Jack

BRWI February Member’s Meeting – Shrove Tuesday

Our February meeting welcomed Andrew Elms who talked about The Trials and Tribulations of Lordington Lavender.

Andrew gave a great insight into his life as a dairy farmer and the decision to change his focus to lavender. He talked through the purchase of Mailette lavender, a French Provencal variety famed for its high quality oil and the challenge of planting. The fields have become a haven for wildlife, with listed species of birds.

Badgers are seen each day and who knew they are the biggest predators of hedgehogs.

We learned about the properties of lavender oil: medicinal, culinary and other uses including insect repellent and removing ticks from dogs.

Andrew brought a range of lavender products to sell after the talk and the queue was longer than the one for tea and cake.

A visit to the lavender fields will be arranged for later in the year.

Cakes were, as usual,  provided by members with a special mention to Sarah W who ordered some BRWI logo toppers for her fairy cakes – inspired.

In recognition of it being Shrove Tuesday Sarah G put together a pancake and lavender themed raffle.

Members were reminded that the March meeting was the Annual meeting with a Lambastic  Spring Show – a lamb in any medium.

Words: Sue Harris

Photos: Joyce Aird

BRWI Member’s Meeting January 2023

Our January meeting welcomed our speaker Mimi Bogelund and her talk The Clutter Inheritance.

Mimi gave us an insight into her background and talked about decluttering with humour with some useful tips. A thought provoking evening which has led to a lot of decluttering amongst members. Who knew at 65 I was at the optimum age for decluttering.

We were also joined by Julie Branson Fundraising Manager from 4Sight Vision Support one of the charities we support. Julie was unable to come to our October meeting and came to introduce herself and thank us for our support via recycling collections, the October walk, and Christmas knitting. Julie reminded us of their work and gave an insight into coming events.

Janet V gave us an informative report on her bursary award which she used to continue her art classes and shared some of her fabulous paintings with members.

We have some very talented members.

Words: Sue Harris

BRWI Member’s Meeting December 2022 – Christmas Party

Our December meeting was a twofold celebration, the first time in 3 years we had all 11 meetings in the one year, and we were able to hold a Christmas meeting/party for the first time in 3 years.

Members were greeted with a glass of fizz on arrival and were given a free raffle ticket as a thank you for their continued support and attendance at meetings. Our thank you was extended to an “up market” raffle – not quite a car or a holiday but 2 hampers, alcohol, gift cards, and some festive themed gifts.

Members also enjoyed a cheese platter on each table produced by our refreshment guru Jack aka Keeper of the Cupboard, and mince pies made by members.

After a short bit of business President Sue led the room in a game of Handbag Bingo with table against table trying to match the items Sue produced from her handbag. The winning table all received some Christmas chocolates.

Sue then tested the tables’ knowledge with a Christmas themed quiz – Who knew that in Japan it was tradition to eat KFC on Christmas Day!! Once again the winning table won some Christmas chocolates.

Members had time to socialise and demolish their platters.

The evening continued with the BRWI equivalent to the BAFTAs, the President’s awards with original art work produced by Dinah. Sue had dressed as an elf for the evening and was joined to present the awards by none other than Rory the Dinosaur aka the lovely Rory Lyne (BAFTA eat your heart out).

The first award went to the aforementioned Keeper of the Cupboard, Jack, for her fabulous job providing refreshments for meetings, and for organising and feeding us on our camp weekend (unfortunately no photo available).

Next award The Giving Something Back award went to Lorraine, for her reaction when asked to be Treasurer and sterling work doing the role.

Fleurie received the Bringing Something New award for her enthusiasm and bringing new activities to our WI.

Finally in something not seen at the BAFTAs, Rory the Dinosaur presented an award to his mum Katie for her heroic struggle to obtain new WI hoodies and polo shirts.

An award was made to Ann Mc on behalf of the Walking Netball group for “the person who embraces the spirit of netball”.

The evening ended with the raffle draw with some very happy winners, including Jo who won one of the hampers together with Sally M.

Words: Sue Harris

Photos: Joyce Aird and Dinah Barrand

Christmassy Walking Netball!

The walking netball group had our final session before Christmas on 14th December. The session was fun with Christmas hats in abundance and they were actually needed as the sports hall was really cold! However, this did not ‘freeze’ our spirits.

The game was fast and fun and every time a goal was scored the shooter had to change with another player in her team. This meant that everyone played a variety of positions. We all enjoyed the frenzy of changing position and the shooting was really impressive as everyone played shooter at least twice. 

If anyone would like to join us in the New Year and be part of this amazing group please contact us.

We resume again on the 11th January.

Merry Christmas to all in the Bognor Regis Walking Netball Group.🎄

Ann McLean

Netball Host

Christmas Lunch

Twelve members of the eating out group made an early start to the festive season.  We went to the Chichester college 64 Restaurant at the end of November, where we enjoyed the Xmas lunch menu.  It was very festive and lively at the restaurant with at least 3 other big parties.  There was also time for Xmas shopping in Chichester before and after the meal.

Lorraine Stonelake

Christmas Netball Festival

On Sunday 4th December the Walking Netball group took part in a Christmas Netball Festival held at Chichester University. The response to the call of ‘who would like to play?’ was brilliant and we had eleven players on the day, ready to show their skills. We had 9 in our playing squad and had chosen a team name of The Bognor Baubles. Our 2 extra players were, in the end, used by another team as they were short of a player and therefore everyone got a good amount of netball.

We played 4 games overall and embraced the Christmas theme and the ‘let’s have a good time’ ethos. Of the 4 games we won one, but I sincerely felt we were on a par with every team we played. Nerves did get to us in the first game, but after that our improvement was immense.

At the end of each game we had to elect a player from the opposition who ‘embraced the spirit of the day’ and at the end of the morning each team was awarded a medal for their player who embodied that. Jan was our winner! Well done Jan, but the whole team was fantastic.

The team was: Sheila, Jan, Jo, Jack, Jackie, Barbara (our captain), Flo, Sarah and Elaine. Dinah and Mary played for the other team. Players to mention were Sarah who just got better and better throughout the tournament and displayed some fantastic defending skills, Sheila who enjoyed a great game at Wing Attack position, Barbara who was such an encouraging captain, and Jo who worked so hard in every position she played.

Thank you all for playing and making it such an enjoyable Sunday morning.

Ann McLean

Netball host

BRWI November 2022 Members’s Meeting

Our November meeting saw another of our talented member’s step up with Jack (day job cookery teacher) demonstrating that “Mincemeat is not Just for Pies”. Jack talked us through the history and key facts about mincemeat. She introduced us to frying filo pastry parcels and took herself back to a time when she worked at the Grand in Brighton and flambéed at tables with a magnificent flambe of mincemeat pancakes. She was assisted by the lovely Sarah G.

In true teacher mode Jack then produced a quiz at the end of the demonstration to check how well we’d listened. The winning table won a plate of mince pies!!

After we were able to sample the filo pastries, the pancakes and some other “ here’s what I made earlier “ mincemeat cookies, mincemeat fudge and my personal favourite, mincemeat bread pudding.

We also had cake with our tea and coffee including a beautiful carrot cake made by Olga.

In addition to our ongoing collection of recycling for 4 Sight Vision Support some of our other talented members had knitted Christmas Trees and Stockings to help the charity’s festive fundraising.

There was also a collection for Little Baby Bundles and once again members excelled themselves with their generosity.

Words Sue Harris

Photos Joyce Aird, Katie Lyne and Sue Harris

Remembrance Service 13th November 2022

For the third year running I had the honour of laying a wreath at the Bognor Regis Remembrance Service on behalf of our WI.

Members rallied to the call to make poppies for the wreath and produced an eclectic array of poppies made from a variety of materials including wool, plastic, paper, egg boxes. A true reflection of the talents within our WI.

Our talented secretary Jen put together the wreath with the help of her daughter Clara, a WI member in the making.

A group of members joined me on the day and thanks to Sarah G who accompanied me whilst laying the wreath.

On a personal level it’s an act of remembrance for my father and grandfather who fought in both World Wars, but also very proud to represent our WI as part of the community.

We Will Remember Them

Sue Harris President