Autumn Walks


The 2013 Autumn Walks are developing a parkland theme – where, generally, the walks are less strenuous!

Arundel Park

Swanbourne Lake in Arundel Park was the shortest walk ever achieved by the Walk Group – oh, how rewarding it was.   The sunlight drew shapes on the lake between the trees, and the tea stop on the raised patio at the lodge house was a delight – an hour was mused away in brilliant sunshine.   The approach to the walk surprised us, as the water level of ditch was high – Mum Swan lead the way, followed by 8 cignets and Dad bringing up the rear.   What a stunning photograph that would have made, if only we had had a camera between us!

 Petworth Park

The walk opened up the possibilities of Petworth Park with its house and Capability Brown designed Gardens.   We snatched a patch of dry weather, and once again the sun shone for us, highlighting the changing colours of the trees and tufted grass.    Reliably, it was the deer in the park that stole the show – with the rutting season underway – we were treated to a musical chorus and several herds of deer on the move.    They are used to humans and did not seem too deterred when our path crossed between them.

 Jan MarsdenImage


Bognor Regis WI links with Primary Schools – Big Bite


I am not sure who had most fun, the children or us!

The Big Bite Artisan Food Festival in Bognor Regis linked our WI to primary schools to promote using locally sourced food and home baking.   This venture came at an opportune time for us, as it fitted with the WI’s Great Food Debate, which is highlighting the world’s limited food supply and potential solutions.

With some anxiety and excitement, Flo, Jan, Gina, Lesley, Heather and Kate cautiously entered into the world of young people to share skills, knowledge and enthusiasm.   Two venues, two schools, 53 children and a multitude of shaped bread rolls later (oh, and exhaustion) – we were amazed at the willingness of the children to take part, their knowledge, their entrepreneurial flair, and how they wanted to talk with us.

Kate and Gina prepared the bread dough using flour grown and milled at Weald and Downland Museum.   After weighing out their piece of dough, the children kneaded and shaped it.  Their creativity was a delight to watch, as they concentrated to make the shape they wanted – snails, butterflies, snakes, owls, and many more were laid out to prove and then placed in the ovens to cook.   We were as excited as the children, as the bread rolls emerged from the kitchens and could be placed in the bags that the children had written and drawn on for them to take home.

We learnt so much from the children and thoroughly enjoyed our time.

The star moments were

  • the slugs that came out of our home grown vegetable display, and nearly went home as pets
  • the business that  four 7 year old children in Arundel are going to set up to supply their sister school in Sierra Leone
  • the song the children from St Mary’s School sung to us.

But most of all, it was the imagination and wonderment in the young people that touched our hearts.   We all went home feeling inspired and richer for the experience.

Jan Marsden

To view more photos of these visits please click here and here.

Big Bite and Great Food Debate

WI’s across the nation are discussing the future security of our food supplies – this includes the growing demand for food; the rise in food poverty and hunger; consumer behaviour and food waste, both as individuals and within our food suppliers.

Bognor Regis WI are involved in two events:

1.  September 22nd in Hotham Park – the Big Bite Food Festival where we can meet with people to share ideas, and in particular demonstrate avoiding food waste.   Using food, such as apples and courgettes when they in plenty supply, will be key and we will be publishing our favourite recipes for others to try on our website.   Big Bite are also arranging a Junior Bake Off.

More details at

2.  The Great Food Debate Fittleworth Villate Hall 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. – tickets at the door £6.00.

More details and

So WI members from Bognor Regis – let’s have your recipes as soon as possible and come along to both events – bring family or friends, as both events are open to non WI members.

Jan Marsden

Summer 2013 Lunch

The sun kept shining and so did our laughter.  

Well done everyone!    Nearly 40 members got together for an August lunch.   The down pour, as preparations were under way for our Summer Lunch, did not deter spirits.  

The food looked too good to eat – but we did!   

Who were all those ladies?  That was us in posh frocks and bright summer colours – didn’t we turn out well!

Who needs entertainment – when we have Mo and Janet.   Sharing secrets – no not us!  

Thank you to everyone who made our Summer Lunch such an enjoyable event.

Jan Marsden


County Craft Award for Bognor Regis WI



Oliver Budd, who creates mosaics, and Jennie Rayment, who creates patchwork using fabric manipulation techniques, informed, inspired and entertained 6 Bognor Regis WI members with their 2 guests, as part of the Gilchrist and Tiptree Cups and County Craft Award Day at Steyning on August 6th.  

The event, organised by West Sussex WI Federation, attended by over 100 WI members from across the County, hosted 3 County wide competitions.   Bognor Regis WI entered each competition and our displays stood out in the crowd.   Lesley Gupppy, Jan Marsden, Christine Harris and Angela Mitchell worked together to create a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.   Lesley’s Mad Hatter’s Hat, made from sugar paste, was the “table” for “cups and saucers” – delightful, and Angela’s flower exhibit decorated the display as “cup cake” made out of flowers in a tea pot – exquisite.   The judges liked the flavour of Christine’s jam, and thought Jan’s biscuits were attractive, although a little soft – 30 seconds longer in the oven next time Jan!

The star of the show was a “Present for Alice” in the form of a red and white fabric covered box with an antidote for poison in the tiniest bottle inside – made Barbara Foster.    Barbara’s efforts have been rewarded, as she won the County Craft Award for Bognor Regis WI.   Barbara has also been approached to make a similar box for the West Sussex room at Denman College – what an honour.

Let me return to the Speakers on that day.  

Oliver Budd is a second generation mosaic artist.   Following in his father’s footsteps, he has created massive mosaic walls and other items to decorate private and public places. The designs are clever, and using a variety of shades in each colour along the flow lines, his images have a sense of reality despite being made up of tiny angular tiles.   We were all impressed with the swimming pool wall he designed in Kent, as well as a wall commissioned by Birmingham City Council.  

Jenny Rayment – what an extraordinary speaker!    Her theatrical delivery about her patchwork career climaxed as she transformed her attractive patchwork skirt into a Bunny Girl outfit.    She told us how she came upon patchwork by chance after doing her son’s paper round when he was “ill” and a lady took pity on her wet and exhausted appearance.  I thought her patchwork designs were clever and unique.  Watch this space – I have the book!   An inspirational and funny speaker.

As you can see, a really enjoyable day.   Barbara’s first prize, a risqué speaker, taking part and good company!

 Jan Marsden

County Quiz Success


Bognor Regis WI entered 4 teams in the evening County Quiz held at North Mundham on August 13th.

The challenging event, organised by West Sussex WI Federation, had over 140 teams taking part across the County.   The questions tested all of our teams, but Joan Hadaway, Gina Fitch-roy, Barbara Foster, and Rosemary Coleman fought their way through to victory – the winners of the evening North Mundham round!

Well done, Bognor Regis WI.   This team will now go forward to a West Sussex Federation final, involving 8 teams, in November.   The winning team of that quiz will represent West Sussex WI Federation in a National WI Quiz next year.

Good Luck in November Bognor Regis WI.  

Jan Marsden