BIGOS (using Christmas left-over meat)

This was a favourite post Christmas dish of the mother of my late Polish husband


large Jar of sauerkraut 900g

3 large onions

tin chopped tomatoes

mushrooms/ chestnuts (optional)


Approx 1 litre stock/meat juices


One can use any selection of meats which were used for the Christmas meal eg turkey, goose, pork, preferably the dark meat

1 large smoked Polish sausage (about 12 inches, chopped into thick roundels) easily sourced in Bognor’s Polish supermarkets (Minutka next to the bus stop opposite the station or Kopernik deli opposite the station or at a push the large supermarkets).


  • Peel and thinly slice the onions. Fry gently in the oil until translucent and soft. 
  • Add a teaspoon of caster sugar and turn up the heat to turn them a dark golden caramel colour. They should not be crispy but it doesn’t matter if there is the odd dark bit. 
  • This is the most important process of the recipe as the onions serve to add colour and sweetness to the sauerkraut
  • Empty the sauerkraut into a large pan and mix in the onions. (you do not have to rinse the sauerkraut)
  • Add meat juices and stock to just cover the mix. Cook slowly on the hob until the sauerkraut is as soft as the onion and has taken on the colour of the onions.
  • When cooked, mix in a can of chopped tomatoes, cooked mushrooms, and chestnuts if using. Spread out in a shallow roasting tin and add the meat(s) and sausage.
  • Cover with foil and cook in a slow oven (160 °C fan) for about 40 mins to ensure all meat is piping hot. Check half way through and add more stock if it appears to be drying out.
  • Serve with crispy baguette as a hearty supper dish.

Contributed by: Ann Cadey

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