BRWI Virtual Competition 2 – After lockdown I will …. (in up to 100 words)

Ann Mc and Karen were joint winners, Congratulations to both, and also many thanks for entering.

They were actually the only 2 entries, disappointing, but the committee still  went through the judging process rather than just split the prize.

Sue Harris

After lockdown I will……………..

Never take anything for granted.

Always appreciate the human touch – hugs, kisses, holding hands.

Never complain about inconsequential things.

Always keep in touch with friends all year round, not just at Christmas.

Never think queueing is a boring pastime, listen to a podcast.

Always  be kind, help someone.

Never drive somewhere unnecessarily.

Always cherish the NHS even more.

Never say ‘I’m bored’, there is always something to do.

Always count my blessings of which there are many.

Never say ‘I cant’.

 Always say ‘I can’.

Oh, I might just have a party!

Ann McLean

After Lockdown

I’ll get on trains and buses,

I’ll visit family.

I’ll meet friends for a cuppa,

And meet more friends for tea.

I’ll take day trips and holidays,

I’ll travel where I wish.

There’ll be concerts, films and outings,

And marvellous theatre trips.

I can go to do my shopping

Without the mask or gloves. 

Share a car, or take a walk,

Give those I love some hugs.

Life will all return to normal;

Except, of course, it won’t.

For we always take for granted 

what we have – until we don’t.

Karen McCreedy