BRWI Virtual Competition – Lockdown in Up to 100 words

Thanks to all those who entered this competition and congratulations to Georgette who won.

I have to say I  found something that resonated in each of the entries, I smiled, laughed, shed a tear, and nodded in agreement.

We certainly have a talented group of women.

Sue Harris

It started off as such a hoot with lots of time to clean the boot
We were all so full of beans, as we cleaned up in our skinny jeans
Our friends became our FaceTime mates, we chatted on while sharing plates
But soon our smiles began to turn, they went from up, to upside down
The daily briefing was such sad news, a daily dose of real bad blues
We got locked in and not let out, unless we really needed owt
Them jeans no longer fit the bill, in fact my bottom!!! they never will
We yearn to talk now face to face and wander around at our own pace
My Son I miss with all my heart, just stay safe while we’re apart
Our dreams on hold for just a while, we think of them and dare to smile
This thing will pass or so they say, we so look forward to that day 



This vicious pandemic has been a shock for all of us and left many families

But there is a positive side; the peace and quiet, bird song clearer than
ever and the friendly smiles exchanged as we all social distance on our daily
The clapping on our doorsteps for our NHS come Thursday evenings
brings out a community spirit in us all.

Will this have changed us when we get back to normal? Just maybe people will
See how the ozone layer gave a sigh of relief and temporarily healed itself.
World leaders may realize we do have a chance to change this threatened

Maggie H

Amid the Sadness

It’s been a time

To breathe

To slow

To reset

To think

To listen

To smell

To appreciate

To cry

To laugh

To feel

To hurt

To remember

To forget

To learn

To Just be 


Lockdown – WI

Space. We all need space.
Gardens, balconies, corridors.
All being put to better use now.
Two metres apart.
Working out, exercising, Joe Wicks.
Being creative. Sewing. Writing.
FaceTime and Zoom (thank goodness for these).
Shopping – a nightmare, people hoarding.
Looking out for neighbours, the elderly.
Checking they’re all right.
Self-isolating – never heard these words before; now they are common language.

But there is always a silver lining.

Being grateful for what you have. Saving petrol.
Saving the planet.
How air quality has improved. Reassessing our lives.

Life will not be the same.
It could, perhaps, be better.

Ann Mc


It’s frustrating. It’s worrying. It’s not being able to see new babies, or visit elderly relatives, or have a cuppa with friends – or get an online order slot!

It’s an opportunity. To reprioritise, to learn something new, to do the Spring Cleaning. To discover local shops who’ll deliver, and work out how to meet and chat online.

It’s restful. To sit in the garden, listen to the birdsong, take a walk, watch the wind caress the trees. Read. Relax.

It’s temporary. It will pass. But it will leave behind a changed world. Perhaps a better one.


Lock Down ….. Inspired by my Car

Covered in cobwebs,

Alone, neglected and under used.

“Will I ever get out?” it said

“How fed up am I?” it mused.

Every night the lock was turned ….

Now, rarely turned the other way.

Every day has promise spurned.

When will it end?   I hear it say.

But wait!   

There’s scope out there.

You see, by the gate.

Those faces with the hair,

Smiling at the gleaming glint,

Admiring the potential.

Scrubbed and polished with soft lint,

Screaming out credentials.

There’s hope you see.

Our courage is strong.

Cleaned and cobweb free,

Soon, we’ll turn that key!

Jan M

The prospect of lockdown seemed daunting – no social gathering, no family visits, no venturing out into the world.  

To my surprise the reality has benefits.  Permission granted to sit back and relax, a chance to catch up on tasks that would be done “when I have time”, but bigger than that, a chance to reflect on what is important in life.

How we operate in our world has changed, the value placed on everything we know can be re-evaluated – we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to stop and smell the roses, hopefully we will come out of this stronger and perhaps a little wiser.



Into lockdown we did go, 

to try and halt this deadly flow. 

We all hunker down, behind our doors,

 trying to obey these restrictive laws. 

Hoping to remain quite fit, 

yet some work on, with determination and true grit. 

As days roll by, in the main,

 we attempt to keep ourselves quite sane. 

By watching films, or reading books, 

with scarce a thought given to our looks Others walk or spend time a’sewing or yet again, the lawn a’mowing. 

So when freedom comes, on that wonderful day, 

we’ll all emerge safe, and sane, again…ok.



The thought of restrictions placed on me due to my age did not fill me with joy.

Adjust I have, washing my hands while singing” Happy Birthday”

Clapping for Key workers on a Thursday at 8pm

Appreciating the freedom of my once a day exercise with Olive my Labrador

Time passes the Day passes the weeks pass and into months ask me the date and I have not a clue!

Its quieter and the birds are in good voice rejoicing in less hubble and bubble.

I miss my freedom, family, and friends controlled by Corvid 19 

Life is Different


I take time to reflect…..

A deadly virus amongst us, life as it was, has stopped,

Weddings, festivals, holidays cancelled, industry halted, 

People are dying, social distancing the “norm“.        

I take time to reflect …..

A pandemic, government warnings, cash grants, support schemes,

Emergency hospitals, personal protective equipment a necessity,

Shielding, isolating, withdrawing from the world we knew.          

I had time to reflect ……

A global transition, communities uniting, recognition of care,

Appreciation of life, exercise time, of what we have,

Earth is breathing, nature rebooting, its time to find a way forward.      

World reflect ……

Let our casualties not be in vain.    


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