Following on from members making laundry bags and hearts, June and Barbara have made a set of scrubs each from material donated by a London fashion house.

Sarah is on a roll and has already made 6 sets of scrubs.

Keep up the good work!

Sue Harris

WI Walking Netball Group – 26 Challenge


“Any ideas?”

It started with an email from Dinah asking if we could do something as a walking netball group in relation to the 26 challenge.

The London Marathon had been cancelled due to the virus and therefore the challenge was to raise money for charities in a creative way and have fun doing it.

I came up with the idea of a shooting challenge for our lovely netball group and Annie, our Team Manager, launched it in her inimitable way.

The aim was to score as many goals as possible in 26 minutes from a distance of 2.6 metres. The really creative part was the goal!  Most followed a prototype of a bucket secured to a step ladder. Some had buckets which were suspended on walls or chicken runs, others had targets at ground level. Sarah’s husband even made a goal and attached it to a wall. It didn’t matter what height it was. The ‘missile’ could be any ball or rolled up socks or tea towel. It didn’t matter.

What mattered was how many you could shoot.  Of course, being of a competitive nature, the ladies rose to the challenge magnificently.

I thought I had better try this out before Sunday (Marathon day) and see if I could actually do it myself.  Bucket was securely wedged on top of the step ladder and time began.  Well, I was pretty smug with myself and scored 50 goals and set this as the target to beat! Little did I know how the ladies would respond. Scores started coming in …

  • a score of 27 with “my bucket was moving a lot!”
  • 24 goals with “after 15 minutes my bucket snapped!”
  • Then Maggie comes in with 83 goals
  • Sarah’s next “I’ve just scored 134 goals” this was amazing
  • 100 balls in the bucket by Celia
  • I hit the target 154 times but no chickens were harmed” this from Manuela
  • Annie secured 93 goals and did lots of retrieving

It didn’t matter what the score was we all enjoyed the banter of trying to beat each other.  Some of the comments were just brilliant and I’m sure everyone had a smile on their face.  Here is a selection:

  • The tee shirt made all the difference.
  • My husband made me a ladder goal post, only disadvantage the ring was a triangle!
  • I did a tremendous amount of retrieving the ball and bending.
  • Sarah, did your ball have elastic on it?
  • I would like to think the ball was too light and the bucket the wrong size.
  •  My husband was pleased when I stopped as he was my ball boy.
  • I found it quite aerobic!
  •  My accurate aim kept hitting the handle and so the ball went flying into the bushes.

The most important aspect of the day was to raise money for Sage House. I believe we raised approximately £350. Well done everyone, it was an amazing effort and such good fun. I’m sure you’ll agree the photos are brilliant and shooting techniques were pretty good too.

My thanks go to Dinah who collated the photos, to Annie who made it happen, and to everyone who took part

Ann McLean

WI Walking Netball Coach

To see our girls in action click here






Laundry Bags and Hearts

Well done, Bognor Regis WI!    A sample of our work is shown in these photographs.

Our laundry bags and fabric hearts have been distributed to St Richards Maternity Unit, Queen Alexander Hospital, and Bognor Regis Care Homes including Burlington, Homebeech, Royal Bay, and Abbotslawn.   There are more on the go too!

To ensure the bags get to the right places in time, our WI has worked with Aldwick Quilters, who have reached more Care Homes, including Ashley Place and Aronel Cottage.

The laundry bags enable care staff to take their uniforms home to wash, in the bag, minimising the risk of corona virus contamination between the two places.   The hearts are a token of our appreciation for the work that care staff do with their residents, or to bring a sparkle of joy to residents.

Care Homes have been touched, and some overwhelmed, by the kindness and generosity our WI members have shown.    Each Care Home has thanked us sincerely (see one example below).   The range of fabric colours and the decorations on the hearts has put a smile on their faces, and helped them feel appreciated during a time when some have felt left out.

Thank you!

Jan Marsden


Remembrance Service


On 10 November a small group of WI members took part in the Remembrance Service at the war memorial in Bognor Regis. As our new President I was honoured to step forward and lay the wreath together with Katie who organised our presence at the service and our wreath. A very proud moment for us both.

poppies 1

Sue Harris


Our Stall at Hotham Park Fair

On Sunday 4th August BRWI manned a stall at Hotham Park Country Fair.

In the run up to the day members had been busy making cakes, preserves and
filling and decorating children’s Jarbola jars.

On the day we had 120+ Jarbolas, nearly 50 jars of yummy preserves and cake
and more cake!! The Jarbolas were a great success and sold out first. The
preserves also sold well (especially as we had a chap nearby selling them
for a lot more). Nearly all the cakes were sold and those leftover were
given to the Hotham Park volunteers.

Everyone involved did BRWI proud – it’s great to take part in a community event.

For all the photos, click here.

Words:  Sue Harris

Photos: Sue and Manuela


Remembrance Day Parade 2018


Eleven members of our WI were honoured to take part in the Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday. Our journey to the parade began over a year ago when Katie suggested that we make a wreath to lay at the war memorial in this special year, commemorating 100 years since the end of WWI.

all ready, three abreast

Katie carried the beautifully crafted wreath, which she had made with the 100 poppies crafted at our September meeting. At the Regis Centre Stella and Dinah joined the parade and Katie passed on the wreath for them to lay at the War Memorial.

Stella and Dinah lay our wreath

The comments below from our members best sum up the day.

It was a privilege and pleasure to be given the honour of laying your beautiful wreath at the War Memorial on Sunday’.

A special and very moving occasion that will be a treasured memory’.

So proud to have been part of today, hope we have started a tradition that will continue in years to come’.

It was an honour to represent women, our own families and the WI at today’s special Remembrance Parade’.

‘I think we did ourselves proud with both our hand made wreath and trying to keep up with the marching!’

I was very proud to walk with friends at such a moving time of reflection. I had wonderful feeling of belonging, I also hope this becomes a tradition. Thank you all, this morning was very special’

Click here to see all our photos of the day.

Words: Dinah Barrand

Photos: Kate Claisse


Our Day at the Carnival

On Saturday, for the first time Bognor Regis WI joined the carnival!  The theme this year was West End Musicals and Shows.  After a lot of thought we decided it had to be Calendar Girls … but with regret abandoned the idea of cream buns and went for the more elegant black outfits with sunflower and sash.

It was the perfect day for it, warm but with a slight cool breeze.  A few of us from Felpham walked along the prom to our assembly point on the Esplanade feeling rather exposed, but we were pleasantly surprised at the smiles and good wishes we received – mainly from women who ‘got it’.


There was rather a long wait while the judging took place.  Sadly we didn’t win, but we weren’t surprised as there were many very well-thought-out floats, clearly a lot of work had gone into them.

IMG_2358We were pleased to be standing next to the younger winners – the Girl Guides who had opted for Mary Poppins, in particular pinpointing the fact that Mrs Banks was a suffragette so there were great Votes for Women posters and very good suffragette costumes – that really gained out approval in this Centenary year!

The overall winners were the Laburnum Centre with Sister Act – very comical, especially the ‘nuns on the run’ on mobility scooters!!

Finally we were off in procession to West Park – sometimes walking v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-ly and sometimes very fast, sometimes dancing to the sound of the band following us – always enjoying the crowds along the way (especially our friends who turned out to cheer us on), the waving, and the very good humour.


our leader Katie



We from Felpham hobbled back along the prom, refreshed with an ice cream – half price because we looked so smart!  We all agreed we’d enjoyed our day very much.

Many thanks must go to Katie our leader who had the idea and got us all organised – Thank you Katie!

For all our carnival photos click here.

words: Kate 

photos: Kate, Katie and Gill