June Member’s Meeting – Mrs Tompkin’s Art Class

Our secretary Jen Tompkins is an Art Teacher and at our June meeting she led the group for an evening of art, using stencils, tracing, watercolours and pastels. 

Member’s benefited from Jen’s expert instruction and advice whilst also enjoying the opportunity to chat whilst being creative.

Some members came prepared with aprons to protect their clothes unlike myself who came in a white linen top!!

Manuela decided to come appropriately artistically dressed in a smock and beret.

In addition we had a Midsummer raffle and a recycling collection for 4Sight one of the local charities we support.

Sue Harris

Fleurie’s Hairstylers and Beeswax Wraps

Our new committee member, Fleurie, welcomed members to her home three times in the same week for the first of her events.

Hairstylers – What Does What?

Members entered Fleurie’s kitchen to find it transformed into a hair salon, complete with a vast array of hair styling equipment.

Fleurie showed us how to use the equipment with an eye on safety, as most were very hot.

She gave some life to Sue’s very fine straight hair, and Dinah was fascinated by her natural fascinator.

In true WI fashion there was tea and cake and even the cakes were hair styler themed!

Beeswax Wraps

After 2 hair sessions Fleurie then turned the focus on to making Beeswax wraps.

Maggie P, Jakki and I arrived to find the kitchen morphed into “ironing” central.

I was interested to learn we would be melting the beeswax with irons rather than in the oven as I’d previously learned.

The process was simple, a sheet of greaseproof paper, add a square of cotton, sprinkle with beeswax , cover with another sheet of greaseproof and iron.

We made squares for ourselves and for the sales table for the next WI.

Once again there was tea and this time bee themed biscuits.

We look forward to the Make Up sessions in March.

Words: Sue Harris

Photos: Dinah Barrand and Sue Harris

Jen’s Plastic Bottle to Brooch

As we approach our first winter zoom I am reminded of our zoom at the end of June. 

Jen took us through transforming a plastic bottle into a brooch. An example of upcycling in true WI fashion.

Zoom proved an asset to this project which required a lighted tea light heating needles, and sharp scissors with no risk assessment required for the hall.

Fabulous results from our talented members

Sue Harris

Sarah’s Macrame Plant Pot/ Tea Light Holder

Sarah’s last zoom in July prior to the lifting of restrictions saw members tying themselves in knots creating  macrame plant pot /tea light holders.

As always members produced some amazing results.

Sue Harris

Zen Tangling Take 2

Members once again enjoyed an evening of Zen Tangling, chat, and laughter led by our Crafty Queen Sarah.

Everyone was pleased with their results.

So cathartic , perfect way to wind down and relax whilst catching up with friends.

Sue Harris

Sarah’s Macrame Feather Zoom

This month’s zoom with our Craft Queen Sarah saw us tying ourselves in knots of string and wool creating a feather under Sarah’s excellent guidance.

As usual there was a lot of chat and fun while we knotted.

Next month see’s us return to Zen Tangling with Sarah and an additional craft zoom, with new committee member Jen making pendants out of plastic bottles. (we love a bit of up-cycling)

Sue Harris

Sarah’s Crafty Zoom – Zen Tangling

Members enjoyed a fun and relaxing evening as our Craft Queen Sarah introduced us to the art of Zen Tangling.

Sarah drew and we copied, with varying degrees of success, whilst chatting and catching up.

Not only did we learn something new, but afterwards we found ourselves more relaxed and chilled.

A great evening, coming next macrame feathers.

Words: Sue Harris

Photo: Sarah Greenway

Sage House – Fidget Cubes and Blankets

Our ongoing support of Dementia Support at Sage House continues.

When Sue was contacted asking if members could make fidget cubes, the call was quickly answered and the results, together with some blankets, were dropped off by Sue and Sarah.

A few words from Martha , Head of Sage House:

“Please again pass on our thanks to the WI ladies – their creations are amazing”

Thanks to Sarah, Sally G and Ann Mc for the fidget cubes, and Jakki, Elaine and Janet for the blankets.

Words: Sue Harris

Photos: Sue Harris and Sage House