On Saturday 1st April the Walking Netball group played in their third netball festival. This was held at Chichester University again in the sports dome, such a fantastic facility. This time there were 14 teams entered, this is the most ever for a walking netball tournament which shows the strength of interest in the sport.

We played seven games in total winning 2, drawing 1 and losing 4. On the day our shooting was rather inconsistent, which was a shame as our overall play has improved tremendously in terms of accurate and consistent passing. Our confidence has also grown and we were not so panicked in our first game as last time. We are beginning to react more quickly to situations and control the game more successfully.

In between games I had offered to do some umpiring so was running from umpiring to playing on a couple of occasions. The team/squad consisted of 9 players: Sue, Sarah, Jo, Jackie, Barbara, Mary, Dinah, Jen (our new president and her first tournament) and myself. Also accompanying us were Jan and Elaine who came along to support and be on standby, but ended up being our scorers, team organisers and giving us feedback; they provided much needed help and support. Thank you both.

At the end of the tournament one player from each team was awarded a medal for playing “in the spirit of walking netball”. This went to Barbara.

 I have to say the games were really fast and the standard was extremely high so we have much to be proud of. Thank you so much to all those who played. Everyone had moments of brilliance on court. Thanks again to Elaine and Jan for their much needed support.

Ann McLean

Walking Netball Host

Bognor Regis WI joins Million Women Rise March

7 members travelled up to London on 4th March to protest against violence against women and girls.

We arrived at the start early, so took advantage of the opportunity to fortify ourselves in a pub whilst watching the marchers assemble from the upstairs window.

Once fortified we joined a cacophony of drums, whistles and chants provided by the 500 to 700 women and girls.

We proudly marched from Selfridges, down Oxford Street, Regent Street, through Piccadilly Circus ending in a rally in Trafalgar Square where there were speeches. 

An empowering, thought provoking, yet fun day. 

Words: Sue Harris

Photos: Sue, Jacquie, Jakki and Jack

Picnic in the Park – August 2022

Our August Picnic in the Park was held on a hot Sunday afternoon. Fortunately shade was available in the park and members were able to choose to sit in the shade or sun.

As always a lot of chat and laughter whilst members enjoyed their picnics, the odd glass of wine /gin and tonic, and of course an ice cream.

Words Sue Harris

Photos Katie Lyne

Carry on Camping BRWI Style

The end of June saw 13 WI members go camping for the weekend. 

The campsite had been tested the previous  year by a small advance party and found to be perfect for our needs.

Friday afternoon saw members arrive and pitch their tents, hang bunting, raise the flag and adorn their tents with fairy lights. 

The most welcome arrival was Jack who had organised the weekend and was also our cook and had brought enough food to keep us going for a week not just the weekend. She set about making salads to go with the already cooked veggie chilli in a slow cooker and jacket potatoes. She even brought a small fridge. 

The camp fire was lit by Sue G who then gave lessons on how to use a carbon steel firelighter to light a fire.

Shortly after we arrived there was a great noise from the woods as a tree fell, a bit scary as it was quite a large one. A tree falling in the woods does make a noise. 

We settled down around the fire to eat our delicious supper and have a drink or two but the rain gods had other ideas and it began to rain heavily.  Luckily there was a large wooden shelter we all could fit in, unfortunately the roof hadn’t been finished properly and the joints leaked.


On a balmy Friday afternoon in the hottest summer on record fifteen members of Bognor Regis WI gathered at member Gina’s house for the annual swim, drink and socialise, under the 2022 banner of Wet and WIndjammer. Sadly a few members were unable to make it due, among other reasons, to Covid but nevertheless the remaining stalwarts made the best of the perfect conditions.

Swiftly donning swimsuits – sadly no wonderful retro swim hats in evidence – members (together with Barney the dog) breached the back gate and braved the waves at mid tide enjoying the sea temperature of 17ᵒ. Much frolicking took place including the famed (Olympic scouts take note) synchronised swimming. 

Refreshed and salty, everyone returned to the garden for lashings of the WIndjammer cocktail, a subtle blend of vodka, cranberry juice, fruit and lemonade tested and approved prior to the evening by President Sue (What devotion to duty !!) and plates of nibbles. It was, as ever, a wonderful lark and it was a very happy band of women who wobbled home. To next year and what will it be? – Aquatics and Aperol? Beer, Boules and Backstroke? Breaststroke and a Brightener? Whatever it is you need to be there and if you can remember it, maybe you weren’t………

Gina Fitch-Roy

photo (while paddling): Mandy Wood

Bognor Regis WI Does Carnival

At 6am on Saturday 4th June I lay awake listening to the rain which hadn’t stopped all night. I channelled my inner Barbra Streisand to “Don’t rain on my Parade”. Our WI was taking part in carnival and we didn’t want to get wet!!

At 8am the rain stopped and the sun came out.

Our makeup and stylist Fleurie transformed myself, Ann Mc, Clare, Izzy, Jack, Jen, Karen, Maggie P, Manuela, Olga, Rosemary W, Sarah W and Katie into the Queen of Hearts, an entourage of playing cards and the White Rabbit.

We were ready and waiting and after a bit of a wait we set off with Jen and Sarah leading the way carrying our banner.

We were greeted by so many people lining the streets of Bognor and thank you to those members who were amongst the crowds, in particular to those who popped up more than once.

We were behind the Laburnham Centre float which was playing music and allowed us the opportunity to have a bit of a dance and at one point I looked behind to see Ann leading the cards in a routine – so brilliant Ann.

Katie and Jack did a tremendous job with the collection buckets. All monies raised went to the Bognor Regis Illuminations Fund.

We got to West Park on time where a number of us made straight for the beer tent for a very welcome pint. An Observer photographer captured this event and we made the local paper with both a before and after photo.

It was a day of fun, friendship and showcasing our WI to the people of Bognor. 

A privilege to be part of a community event.

I love my WI

Sue Harris 

A Dip and A Drink …. or 2

A final look back to our summer events 

As a WI by the sea, it’s inevitable that some members may swim. Our yearly swimming social was this year named A Dip and A Drink or Two. Gina once again invited us to her home on the prom in Felpham and members braved choppy waters to swim before enjoying Gina’s wonderful hospitality. The Foodbank also benefitted from generous donations of food and money.

Sue Harris

Here are a few photos of the event, more can be found in our photo album.

Fizz and Float

A July evening saw a social get together in Gina’s garden, backing on to the prom in Felpham. Following in the tradition of previous year’s Gin and Swim and Pimms and Paddle came our Fizz and Float.

11 intrepid women left the safety of Gina’s garden, on to the prom, and into the sea for a swim.  After an initial chill when we got in, we had great fun swimming and floating around in the choppy waters.

Check out our video on YouTube – proof that we actually did get in!

Then back to Gina’s garden for fizz, nibbles and a long overdue catch up. 

The evening not only benefited members but also our two local charities with £80 raised for Sage House, and two boxes of donated food for the Bognor Foodbank.

Looking forward to next year already.

Words Sue Harris

Photos and Video Joyce Aird and Gina Fitch-Roy

Tents in Kent – WI Camp August 2019

9 members of Bognor Regis WI had a fun filled, slightly damp weekend camping near Tunbridge Wells at Adamswell Scout camp – this is what the campers had to say  ….

This was my second W I camp very different to the first.  The location was lovely in the Kent countryside with the railway track running along one side and a stream on the other.

Highlight for me was the steam engine running one way and a diesel the other pulling carriages, two of which, Kate and Dora, appropriately named for Katie and Dora the Explorer, known to many as Jan.

With not so many planned activities and a more casual approach to events made for a relaxed atmosphere.  We spent time as campers together sitting, chatting, discussing, laughing, playing games volleyball, Chinese shuttlecock, giant bubble blowing and a brilliant walk on the Saturday breaking at Groomsbridge railway station for coffee before walking back across fields.

It was a brilliant weekend, despite the wet start with good company, food and companionship.  Thank you campers.


I was slightly apprehensive about camping; having long ago thought I’d packed my tent away for good.  However, I had forgotten how much fun camping could be, especially when in the company of other women. We chatted and laughed the whole time, played games, ate cake and drank gin, with the odd craft activity or informative talk thrown in.  Perfect weekend.

No thanks to me, our camp was amazingly well organised, having every comfort of home and I was well fed across the whole weekend. Who knew that an inflatable mattress could be so comfortable!! Even the rain didn’t stop us having fun.

I would like to thank my fellow campers for being such good company and for their brilliant camp building skills. I look forward to next year.



Knowing we were going to get rain did dampen my excitement I must admit, but once Jan arrived at my house and we filled my little TARDIS – away we went.

‘Tents in Kent’ was a little underwhelming, but BRWI base camp was brilliant. Great food (thanks Jack) great company (thanks everyone) great fun we had a blast!!

Here’s to next year!


Although I secretly hoped Kent WIs would cancel the camp, due to the wet weather forecast for most of the camp weekend, I am so pleased they did not.

Initially, full of enthusiasm, following a brilliant camp in East Sussex last year, my commitment was dampened by the threat of rain – lots of it.  My thoughts about camping changed from excitement to thoughts of an endurance challenge.  However, I should never have doubted the encouragement of my companions – what a brilliant time we had.

I still chuckle to myself about exiting my tiny tent backwards, on my knees with my rear in the air, and the fact, even as our WI walk leader for nine years, I went to camp without a map!  I like my new name though – Dora the Explorer.

The best bit for me was everyone being together – brilliant – now I know we can overcome anything.  Oh, and the fact my new wellingtons kept my feet dry!

Well done campers – loved every minute of it.   Thank you.


So my tent has been cleaned and dried, my duvet aired, clothes washed and mud removed from my wellingtons. Camp is over for another year. We all survived despite the heavy rain and wind on Friday night.

There were not many activities on offer that I wanted to join in with but I was pleased with the Flower Crown I made with fresh flowers, and hopefully will remember how to make one in the future.

Our walk from the campsite to Groombridge, without the help of a map, took longer than we had anticipated. (We set off in the wrong direction) But a cup of coffee at Groombridge Station was most welcome as indeed were the toilets.

The highlight of the w/e was our performance in the Tents in Kent talent show. We were the ONLY entry. Did I ever think I would spend an evening with 8 other lovely ladies all dressed in shower caps, swimsuits, wellies and raincoats singing together in front of 40+ other WI members. That is why we are BRWI. We love a challenge. A WI member from Worthing said, ‘I want to come to your WI, you obviously have a lot of fun.’  And we do.


My highlight was the camaraderie and grit that BRWI showed in light of the rain and general rubbish changeable weather. It was a joy just to spend time with the squad – whether whilst walking, experiencing an activity or just chatting under the gazebo whilst getting wet. Also the cakes – obviously!



Pimms & Paddle

After the hottest day of the year, it was a bit of a disappointment and worry when the weather changed the next day and rain was forecast. As we walked down the prom to Gina’s house the sea didn’t look too inviting, BUT we are WI and, in true WI fashion, we strode out of Gina’s back garden in our costumes and on to the beach. 10 members and 2 guests braved the waves and seaweed and swam. Other members watched!! Once you were in, it was lovely and we even had our first attempt at synchronised swimming. Sadly no photos of that….I blame the members watching.

pimms and paddle 10

After the swim (only wimps paddle) it was back to Gina’s garden for Pimms, and more Pimms. A great time was had by all and, thanks to the rain gods who kept the rain at bay. Biggest thanks to Gina for her hospitality….we will be back next year for Fizz and Float.

For all the photos, click here.

Words:  Sue Harris

Photos: Georgette Budhram (guest) Karen McCreedy and Debbie Brookes