Committee 2020/2021

The committee for 2020/2021 salute you ….

Sue Harris (President)

Joining Bognor Regis WI was part of my” big adventure”.  I’d lived in West London all my life and in 2013, following separating from my husband, I decided it was time for a change. I took early retirement from the Civil Service and decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition of living by the sea. I had spent many happy family holidays in Felpham in the 60s and when I moved here in 2014 it seemed like coming home.

The only difference from home was I knew no one!! Friends had suggested I joined the WI but, as I didn’t sew or knit and had never made jam, I was a little sceptical. However, I decided it was worth a look and found the BRWI website. What a revelation!! Many groups that ticked my interests.

I visited in Nov 2014 and was totally taken by the warm welcome, the buzz of the meeting, and the array of opportunities to get involved in. I duly joined up in Jan 2015.  Having joined I found friendship with a large group of like minded women and began to appreciate that there was a lot more to the WI than cakes and jam.  I had found somewhere I belonged, in an organisation that I was proud of.

Joining the WI had given me the friendship and activities I had been looking for and, as a way of giving something back, I joined the committee in Oct 2015 Being on the committee has given me an insight into the WI at local, federation and national level, and the opportunity to work with a group of ladies committed to do their best for the membership.

In October 2019, I  became President of our amazing WI and look forward to maintaining the legacy of previous Presidents and committees whilst bringing new ideas and new directions to our WI.

Joyce Aird – Treasurer

Having been curious “what is the WI”,  I started a little research and found the Bognor Regis WI – with a friend we attended a meeting and loved the energy – so we joined!

I moved to this area many years ago but between my two daughters growing up, the need to work, and some charity work along the way there never seemed time for me.

I gave up working last year and was keen to explore the next adventure – meeting new people, learning new skills, even taking time to just be.
The WI is all that and more.

I trust that in joining the WI and the committee I can contribute to such a wonderful organisation moving forward.

Sarah Greenway (Competitions)
Having lived in Bognor for 20 years, I thought it was about time I got to know more people, make more friends and have a bit of ‘Me time’ . Why the WI? Well it might have something to do with my love of CAKE! My Children think I’m old fashioned – My passion is sewing, I’m a bit of a Fabric junkie! I love baking and my music tastes are extremely diverse. But on the other hand I do have a couple of tattoos and a piercing, so I am a bit of a mixture and that’s why the WI can suit any woman really, as there’s something for everyone.

Chris Hunter (refreshments)
I moved to the area from Dorset just over four years ago. Apart from immediate family, I did not know anyone, and I did not know my way around the area. Having been a WI member previously, I knew I needed to find a WI that would give me the camaraderie, fun, and learning opportunities that I had previously enjoyed as a WI member.
I visited several WIs, all of which offered something different, but finally landed at Bognor evening as it offered everything I wanted from my WI. As a member of the committee I look forward to being a part of, and helping to shape the future of, our WI.
On a personal level my rainy day passion is learning and crafting and my sunny day passion is Nordic walking.

Georgette Budhram (Secretary) – more to come

Lorraine Stonelake – more to come

Kathryn Good – more to come