A New Year Resolution?


If the photograph does not inspire you to join our WI members already involved in Walking Netball the following poem might!  Jan Marsden

Bognor Regis WI members join in

The WI Walking Netball Team
I’m off to Walking Netball, because it really is good fun,
The hardest thing is walking and remembering not to run.
A great way of keeping fit, of which we’re told we aught,
As several of us, all getting on, whizz around the court.
An important rule, lest we forget, is keep one foot upon the floor,
This is, as we are warned, the most important walking netball law.
We mustn’t jump, or, the opposing team, impede,
And at all times, remember, ref’s shrill whistle to heed.
Sadly I fell over, leaving me oh so sore,
Yet I enjoy the game greatly, so I’m coming back for more.
The hour session, just goes flying by, leaving us all with a smile,
As we walk, valiantly, around the court, mile on mile.
Some onlookers, if being unkind, may complain we look uncouth,
But girls do we care?  No we do not, let them revel in their youth.
It’s off we trot, at the end of the match, with promises to return.
We’re the Women’s Institute Walking Netball team, and it’s the proper rules we learn.
by Annie Smith, Arun WI Walking Netball Team member.
There still places available, so WI members come along to the Arena Sports Centre, Westloats Lane, Bognor Regis PO2 5JD on Wednesday January 9th 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. or contact Annie Smith or Jan Marsden.

2019 Programme published!

The 2019 Programme has been added to the website and our calendar brought up to date (find both on the Diary Dates page).  

Initially the programme shows the main attraction for each meeting, but only those extras (competition, sales tables etc) that are known now – the programme will be updated as we plan more.  

I hope this page will be useful for those who haven’t got the programme bookmark yet, and for all of us as the year goes on and we want a ‘single place to go’ for a view of planned activities.

Happy New Year!

Kate Claisse

Happy Christmas Bognor Regis WI !!

On a crisp December evening, President Dinah Barrand welcomed members, four guests and five visitors to the final meeting of 2018 – and what a party it was!

Members had ‘dressed to impress’ and, in party mood, all settled down to enjoy Dawn Gracie a well-known vintage entertainer.  Beautifully dressed as ‘Mistress Christmas’ (who wants to be boring Mrs Christmas),

Dawn talked about her career being kicked off in 2011 by being selected as the winner of the Best Dressed award at the Goodwood Revival. A lover of all things 50s and 60s, Dawn has since entertained a wide range of people and was full of wonderfully funny anecdotes about her experiences. Dawn sang a range of numbers – we did join in – and then invited volunteers to join her in having a burlesque experience.

Two members, Lesley and Stella, and Sharon, a guest from Aldwick Revival WI, were provided with boas and then tutored in the art of burlesque. Their performance was stunning and at 92 years young, Stella is seriously considering her new career as a burlesque dancer so if there are any agents out there……

On behalf of members and guests, Debbie gave a warm speech of thanks to Dawn for such a joyous start to the festive season.

Following a break for drinks and a sumptuous spread of party food, the meeting reconvened to play the Secret Santa game and exchange their presents of eco-friendly wrapped books. The game involved quick swaps left and right and, as it was much harder than it sounds, much hilarity ensued and nobody left without a present. 

Following this, President’s Awards were given to those members who had made particular contributions to the life of BRWI so, in no particular order, the following were honoured with (handcrafted by Dinah) their awards:

  • Techie Queen:- Kate Claisse
  • Interesting Cakes Queen:- Manuela Andani
  • Creative Star:- Katie Lyne
  • Not-Acting-Your-Age Star:- Stella Elms
  • Care Bear Award:- Sue Harris

Congratulations and thanks to you all.

Following this Jeanette, one of this year’s bursary winners, gave a talk about how the money was spent – in her case on a residential course on Machine Embroidery at Denman College. She loved the experience and exhorted all members to experience Denman if they could.

Read her complete presentation here …

denman talk by jeanette clark december 2018

Jane Sedgwick also won a bursary this year.  Jane was not at the December meeting but she has sent a report on her visit to Denman …

Bursary by Jane Sedgwick

The results of the Craft a Cracker competition were announced with Joyce taking first place, Barbara taking second, and Sarah and Lesley Guppy sharing third place. It was also the first time that one of the entries (Jack’s) had looked so delicious that it was assumed to be part of the supper and partially eaten!

Finally, it was super to have a visit from BRWI’s first President, Janet, and therefore to have all past and present Presidents in the room. Lovely to see you Janet!

At the end of this joyful and fun filled party, Dinah wished all members and guests a Happy Christmas and safe journey home. 

To see lots more photos click here.

Words by Gina Fitch-Roy

Photos by Kate Claisse

To read Katie’s full record of the meeting click …

december 18 members meeting