Science Fiction & Fantasy Ladies

Boldly going where no WI has gone before

Yes, we have a Science Fiction group at Bognor Regis WI!

Named the SCIFFLe group (Science-Fiction and Fantasy Ladies), we’ve been meeting since mid-2013 and now have eight members.

No two meetings are the same, but some of the highlights include: eating cake and jelly-babies together while watching the ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary programmes; watching Sci-fi films on DVD and at the cinema; playing games such as Star Trek Scrabble, Dr Who Monopoly and Lord of the Rings dominos.

Trek Scrabble
Trek Scrabble

We also arrange group outings to SFF-related events. We’ve been to a live performance of Jeff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worlds’, the ‘Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular’ at Wembley Arena, and a ‘Star Trek’ music concert at the Albert Hall. Locally, we’ve been to the Time Travel Experience on London Road (yes, really!), to the South Downs Planetarium, and to a concert of the music of Sir Patrick Moore.  Other trips have been to the Harry Potter Experience, and also a Space Spectacular concert at the Albert Hall.

We swap sci-fi and fantasy books, flag up and discuss TV series and discover new AND old films to enjoy together. So if you’re a closet Trekkie or an avid reader of HG Wells, or would otherwise like to join the fun, please let Karen know.

Any planned trips can be found in the latest newsletter.

Live long and prosper 

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