Science Fiction & Fantasy Ladies

Boldly going where no WI has gone before

Yes, we have a Science Fiction group at Bognor Regis WI!

Named the SCIFFLe group (Science-Fiction and Fantasy Ladies), we’ve been meeting since mid-2013 and now have eight members.

No two meetings are the same, but some of the highlights include: eating cake and jelly-babies together while watching the ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary programmes; watching Sci-fi films on DVD and at the cinema; playing games such as Star Trek Scrabble, Dr Who Monopoly and Lord of the Rings dominos.

Trek Scrabble
Trek Scrabble

We also arrange group outings to SFF-related events. We’ve been to a live performance of Jeff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worlds’, the ‘Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular’ at Wembley Arena, and a ‘Star Trek’ music concert at the Albert Hall. Locally, we’ve been to the Time Travel Experience on London Road (yes, really!), to the South Downs Planetarium, and to a concert of the music of Sir Patrick Moore.  2017 has already brought us a trip to the Harry Potter Experience, and we’re also booked for another Space Spectacular concert at the Albert Hall.

We swap sci-fi and fantasy books, flag up and discuss TV series and discover new AND old films to enjoy together. So if you’re a closet Trekkie or an avid reader of HG Wells, or would otherwise like to join the fun, please let Karen know.

Live long and prosper 



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