Flick Chicks

Our Flick Chicks group doesn’t have any ‘formal’ or regular meetings – but we do have the opportunity to go to the cinema with like-minded ladies.

With the Picturedrome’s prices being so reasonable (only £2.50 per ticket during the week, and £3.50 at weekends, if you didn’t know), it’s our favourite local cinema, and we often get along there several times a month at least. I also keep an eye on the listings at New Park cinema in Chichester in case there are any classic movies in the schedule there that people might like to see.

Since the group was formed in 2015, we’ve seen dozens of films, including ‘Suffragette’, ‘Hidden Lives’, ‘A United Kingdom’, ‘The Secret Life of Pets’,  and ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ – as well as a fair number of sci-fi and fantasy films that our SCIFFLe group have also enjoyed.

In addition to the films, we’ve also been to a Film Archive talk at West Sussex Records Office, a Film-themed concert in Felpham, and several of the ‘NT Live’ streamed performances from the National Theatre.

So if you love films – old or new – and would like someone to go to the cinema with, please – join us!

Contact Karen for more info.