Pasta extravaganza!


IMG_1769On June 18th, six of us from the Dining Group met up at Carluccios in Chichester to learn how to make fresh pasta.  One end of the restaurant was set up with 6 cooking areas, each with a pasta machine, chopping board, measured ingredients etc.  In just 2 hours, with expert guidance from our instructor Kevin (a very pleasant and informative chef),  we each prepared from scratch ravioli, tortellini, tagliatelle and  linguine and even a few pasta bows from the leftover scraps!  IMG_1763We were then given a small double burner each and we cooked a selection of our filled pasta in a sage and butter sauce and sat down to a very tasty Italian meal with a lovely glass of wine too of course!  All this, together with a coffee or soft drink before and a dessert from the menu cost us just £35 – which we all agreed was very good value.

IMG_1766Carluccios runs other classes e.g. risottos, gnocchi, desserts etc which we are very keen to try.  Lesley Hiley organised the evening, for which many thanks Lesley, and I know she will be organising more – so if you would be interested, do let her know.  I for one definitely want to do this again!

Kate Claisse