Baking at Laburnham Grove Junior School

IMG_1887On 21st July Jan, Lesley and I spent a very enjoyable morning at Laburnham Grove Junior School helping a Grade 3 class to make bread rolls. We brought in risen dough, with all the ingredients used to make it. We talked to them about how it was made and then they all took a handful of dough, kneaded it and then shaped it into hedgehogs, snakes, snails, butterflies, and even snowmen. While the rolls were proving the children did a word game involving the words they had been using …. Prove, yeast, knead, dough etc.

IMG_5562This visit was a repeat of similar school visits we made last year prior to the Big Bite artisan food festival at Hotham Park in the autumn, which will be on again this year in September (27th and 28th).   The idea is to promote home cooking and the use of local food (we used Weald and Downland wholemeal flour). We brought in vegetables from our gardens and allotments and talked to the children about the more unusual veg … a large yellow patty pan squash and large round courgette, yellow zucchini, fennel (which the children smelled) and sugar snap peas (which they tasted).

IMG_5563The children certainly seemed to enjoy themselves and we did too … I’m looking forward to a second visit on September 24th – and we will need volunteers … especially as these children will be a year younger.


Bognor Regis Observer were at the school taking photos and interviewing us and the staff, so if you haven’t seen their news item – click here …..School visit

Kate Claisse