The WI – a poem to the tune of Jerusalem

The WI.
And do they meet in village halls
and talk about cakes and custard creams?
And do the mighty WI
make scones with Devon clotted cream?

And was the counterpane divine
when Betty added extra frills
then was hot tea brewed up there
whilst they showed off their special skills.

Bring me my pot of strawberry jam,
bring me the cakes of my desire.
Bring me some wine and stories told
bring me a glorious male voice choir.

We will not cease from making friends,
we’ll make such things with our fair hands
and we’ll still meet without our men
Across this green and pleasant land.
Jan Millward©

As you can see this poem was written by Jan Millward  – to find out more about her, and read more of her amusing poetry  – click here.