Treasurer’s Report 2021/2023

Period covered 1st September 2021 to 31 st January 2023.

The Financial Statement has been approved and the accounts signed off by our Independent Financial Examiner, Janet Melvin. A signed copy will go to WSFWI and one kept for our records.

At the end of the last accounting year 31st January 2023, we had £2,364.31 total cash funds, at the end of the previous accounting year 31st August 2021 we had £3,252.22 total cash funds, i.e. £887.91more. But as the last accounting year was 17 months long, that’s 17 months of expenses but only one lot of subscriptions paid it’s not surprising that the figure is less. We still have a healthy balance and no cause for concern.


  1. Receipts at meetings: Thank you so much for supporting the raffles, they raised about £155, and the competition £15.50.
  2. Subscriptions: 66 full members including 3 dual members paid subscriptions.
  3. WI Fundraising: We didn’t do any fund raising for BRWI but we did fundraise and give donations to our chosen charities.
  4. Donations: We received over £188 in donations from members. This was from Fleurie’s make-up and hair sessions, from 3 members providing refreshments at a federation quiz, and a member donating her speaker’s payment.


Meeting Expenses The Hire of the hall cost stayed the same for this year and the following year, i.e. £60, plus £20 for the tables and chairs put out and put away.
Speakers and Other Costs were kept down by having speakers from the charities we’ve supported and having sessions run by members, i.e. talks, art, craft, cookery, walking country dancing.
Bursaries We paid for 3 bursaries as one was carried over from the previous year.
Miscellaneous We have to contribute towards Delegates expenses to both National AMs and West Sussex AMs.

The new Budget will be ready to be approved at our meeting in March 2023.
Subscriptions. The annual subscription is going up by £2.00 to £46.00. Our share will be £22.60
WSFWI will receive £10.80 NFWI will receive £12.60
Dual members will pay £22.60. We have to pay £16 towards pooling off fares. Our insurance contribution is to increase from 61p to 75p per member.

If you want any more information about our accounts, come and chat to me or email me.

L Stonelake, Treasurer 12/03/23