Treasurer’s Report 2021

Annual Meeting Bognor Regis WI – Treasurers Report – year ending 31st August 2021

As we all know so well this has been a tough year. 

 From March last year to the end of our financial year August 31st we have not had our usual revenues such as raffles & quizzes – that being said with the wonderful support of our membership the subscriptions have been our lifeline, even with the three-month loss by putting back the renewal date.  We are on track to have a full membership of seventy, plus a waiting list.

With regard to the flexible initiative introduced by National Federation.  Having reviewed our expenditure and anticipated expenses versus revenue the committee, with your approval, decided to not implement this option in April 2021 with the intention to review our status before next April.  At this point we were unsure if and when the Gordon Centre would re-open (having paid for the hire of the Gordon Centre for a year in advance) and allowing for the possibility of having to hire a second venue or even have two meeting because of government guidelines on numbers etc.

That being said we would now seem to be back on track.  The hire of the Gordon Centre will increase in April 2022 by £10 per meeting however we are paid up until April 2022.

The committee will consult with the membership in due course regarding the April subscriptions but as we stand our accounts are robust and we can look forward to a bright positive future.

Joyce Aird