WI New Year Poem

I wanted a funny ditty to start the New Year

Amusing, wry and witty: full of good cheer.

I searched online, but none could find 

So here’s one I writ, one of a kind!


New Year is a time for reflection

And for making plans for the next one

This year brings us to a new venue

But our friendships and fun will continue


A carnival, a cake sale, a dip in the sea

Trips to Denman, London and an afternoon tea

History in Arundel, a camp in a field

2018 was well and truly filled


Please be assured that 2019 will be 

Full of fun and adventure, as you will see

From ‘A bit on the side’, to trips far and wide

There’s so much to look forward to, side-by-side


Every third Tuesday we meet together

Chatter and laughter and speakers, whatever

Much tea will be drunk, cake and biscuits eaten

Of a warm welcome you can always be certain


Sub groups, coffee mornings, outings and meetings

Friends, familiar faces and warm greetings

So much fun by our beautiful seaside

Bognor is the best WI far and wide

 By Dinah Barrand